HR & Recruiting Glossary

This glossary will support any HR professional, business owner, or hiring manager. Here you will be able to find the knowledge of key terms and concepts shaping the hiring world.

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What is Payroll?

Payroll is the process by which employers calculate and distribute compensation (salary or wages) to their employees for the work performed during a specific period, typically a week or a month. The payroll process involves various tasks, including calculating gross wages, deducting taxes and other withholdings, and distributing the net pay to employees.

Does ApplicantPro offer Payroll Software?

Yes, ApplicantPro offers a Full HCM solution that is customizable to fit your needs! This solution includes Onboarding, Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits Enrollment and Administration, Time and Labor Management, Scheduling, and Expense Management!

How can ApplicantPro help me with Payroll?

Our Payroll offerings will make processing your payroll fast and easy. You will no longer need to stress over keeping up with employment tax rates, calculating liabilities, creating and accessing reports, and making payments, our software will do all that for you!

You can enhance your employees' experience with access to personal data, pay stubs, W-2 forms, paid time off balances, and a variety of payment options, including direct deposit, PayCard, and OnDemand Pay.

You can also create and view in-depth reports, ensure visibility into potential errors before you process each payroll run, and automate any necessary payroll adjustments, reducing time and stress when working on payroll.

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