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Applicant Ranking

What is Applicant Ranking?

Applicant Ranking is the sorting of applicants based on qualifications, experience, and disqualifiers stated on a job application. Applicants are usually stored within a job candidate database during the evaluation process.

Why would I rank my job applicants?

Ranking makes it easier for employers to see which applicants they thought highly of or fit the qualifications of the job best. ApplicantPro users can give star reviews, make notes, or flag applicants that stand out during the applicant screening process.

How does Job Applicant Ranking work with ApplicantPro?

ApplicantPro helps identify the best job candidates through a streamlined selection process that includes unlimited user logins, job fit assessments, and the ability to make notes and rank applicants. To learn more about features like applicant ranking, check out our Job Candidate Selection page.

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