Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting involves the use of mobile technology to attract and engage candidates. Common mobile recruiting strategies include mobile-friendly career sites (so candidates can search and apply for jobs on their mobile devices), recruiting via text messaging, and downloadable mobile recruiting apps.

Recruiting on the go has never been so easy. The use of cellphone and smart-phones has more than doubled your audience of job seekers. Our recruiting technology is next to nothing. ApplicantPro is constantly developing new ways to reach new users. We give you the visibility you may be missing in your traditional recruiting efforts.

1 in 3 job seekers looks for jobs on a mobile device. Because of that, you want them to be able to see your open positions without scrolling, pinching, and swiping. ApplicantPro provides a super functional mobile site along with your branded career site that is sure to pull in any applicant. To learn more, visit our Mobile Recruiting page.

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