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Video Interviewing

Hire, screen, and get to know your applicants with automated video interviews. Remote interviewing solutions keep your applicants engaged while you gain the ability to see and review more. This mass interviewing solution makes it easy to find the right fit for your positions in an honest, personal, and effective manner.

More Applicants. More Human. Less Time.

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Eliminate scheduling and the endless back and forth.

Nobody enjoys trying to find time to meet. Both you and the applicants can complete their part on their own time.

personal touch with video interviewing

Find the right people in a personal way.

Get to know the people who applied for your opening and go beyond what is listed on their resume, cover letter, or application.

video interviewing saves time

Save time and make the process work for you.

With the ability to create your own interview questions and requirements for candidates you can quickly and efficiently screen multiple candidates at once.

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Easily maintain your hiring process and share results.

Managers can virtually meet candidates via their video assessments, share interviews with associates, and coordinate the screening process all from a distance.

There's a video interview solution for all your open positions — Create an unlimited amount of job-specific, customizable interview questions.

Take complete control of your hiring process by creating customized interview questions to fit your company culture and the specific needs of each open position within your organization. Or, choose from over 150 research-based, proven first interview questions. These pre-recorded questions are broken down into behavioral-based interviewing to include topics such as coachability, motivation, purpose, and teamwork. Interviewing for your open positions has never been easier!

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Manage the screening process efficiently all from within your ApplicantPro Account with a fully integrated video screening solution.

Get the hiring relief you need. The best part is? We’ll virtually hold your hand through the process. No stress... just hiring success. What this video interviewing integration means for you:

  • Send video interview invitations with a click of a button.
  • View an applicant’s interview results whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Easily track the status of each interview from start to finish.
  • Seamlessly share the results with your team, with the ability to leave notes for your associates.
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Candidates can complete their interviews anywhere, on any device.

It can be difficult to schedule a time that works best for both you and a candidate to hop on a live call… especially if the candidate is already working a 9-5 job. Giving candidates the opportunity to easily register, record, and complete interviews on the go with their cell phones can, in turn, save YOU time and allows you to fill open positions with the right fit, as quickly as possible.

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