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Paperless onboarding process new employees

Companies lose about


of new employees within their first year due to bad onboarding.

Reference Checks

Stop chasing down applicants' references. Do it electronically within our system. With a few clicks, send requests via email, track progress, and receive responses within the system. If a call is necessary, there is a place to record the information gathered.

Applicant Reference Checks

Online New Hire Paperwork

Online New Hire Paperwork

We have teamed up with an integrated onboarding partner to simplify your new hire paperwork. Instead of handing your new hire a stack of papers to complete, get them online. Cut back on errors and simplify the way they fill out their information. Allow them to review important company information as well, and electronically sign their documents. There are so many cool features here, contact us today to explore this option.

Offer Letters

So, now that you have found the right candidate, make it official directly within ApplicantPro. Compose your letter, including important wage and starting date information and then send it off. Keep a copy in the system for future reference and for a more complete electronic employee file.

Candidate Offer Letters

eVerify candidate legal to work


Checking on a candidate's legal ability to work in the United States is becoming increasingly important in order to reduce your hiring risk and beyond that is required by law for many organizations. If this is a step you take when hiring, we can help you without having to leave ApplicantPro at all. Simply prep, click and receive. The response back from the federal government will be stored within our applicant tracking system to review and use as a tool for hiring the right candidate.

Tax Credits

As you know, there are extra financial incentives for hiring individuals within certain groups. Veterans, Native American Indians and ex-felons are just a few that qualify. By adding one form to your online new hire paperwork, you now have the ability to capitalize on those incentives. Within ApplicantPro, we can help you collect the information you need, bundle it up and send it off. A check for the organization might just be in your future along with a pat on the back!

Hiring Tax Credits

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