high conversion online application process

High Conversion Online Application Process

Advertising job openings is a stressful process. With fewer hoops to jump through, ApplicantPro makes finding and applying for jobs on any device easy for job seekers! The best way to get qualified applicants to apply for your open positions is to eliminate friction. Providing job seekers with a user-friendly application process is the easiest way to maximize your applicant flow.

Applicant Tracking System

Unlock your hiring potential.

Our unique 2-stage application process has significantly increased thousands of company's apply-rate

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step 1

Job seekers can quickly submit a short application that consists of the essential contact information, a resume, and a few screening questions. This provides you with the basic necessary information to get a glimpse into each candidate's qualifications.

step 2

You can then enable the Applicant Tracking System to automatically extend an invite to complete the second step of the application to those who meet the basic qualifications. Or manually send the invite to applicants with the click of a button. This second step includes previous employment, education, references, additional questions, and your applicant statement. It can easily be completed, and stored for review within ApplicantPro.