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Having data at your fingertips will make you more knowledgable and more valuable to your team, your counterparts and your boss. It's like your secret sauce. Pour it on!

Data-driven HR teams

Data-driven HR teams are

4 times

more likely to be respected by their business counterparts than their non-analytical counterparts.

Application Abandon

There it is again. That looming question mark. Are people not seeing my ad? Or are they starting the process and not finishing? And beyond that, what is it that makes them turn and run? We wondered the same things. So, we created a report to help you solve the mystery and to help you identify areas for improvement within your hiring process. Pull this report to see how many people started an application for your opening vs. those that completed the application. See where they abandoned and automate an email inviting them to return and finish their application. Solving this problem can boost your overall applicant flow and make you look like a rockstar.

Application Abandon Report

Visitor Traffic Reports

Visitor Traffic Reports

Are you looking for a data driven approach to your applicant flow? Wanting to make improvements and increase your overall visitor traffic? You have come to the right place. ApplicantPro has several reports that give you very specific and trackable information on visitors to your career site and even to the individual job postings. We show details such as clicks, bounce rate, web browser and other information that will give you a benchmark. Knowing this information will give you the confidence to set goals, adjust postings, and even to discuss the results with your executives.

Source Tracking

So, you are seeing applicant flow but where are the applicants coming from? It seems like posting to 50 job boards is a good use of time, but is it really? Are all of your good and qualified applicants coming from one source? Having hard data can give you the confidence you need to make decisions in this area. This report will show where your applicants are coming from (example, your company career site, employee referral, etc.) and which are most effective in drawing that top talent to your ad.

Source Tracking Report

Time-to-Fill Report

Time-to-Fill Report

Unfilled openings can hurt revenue and moral. This report breaks down the amount of time it takes for an open position to be filled by comparing the start date of a job listing against the hire date of an applicant. Knowing this can open many opportunities for improvement, strategic planning, and might just earn you a seat at the table with C level executives. Speak their language and you are in.

EEO & OFCCP Reporting

Compliance is hugely important but can be tedious. Paper and spreadsheet tracking are cumbersome and can be flawed. ApplicantPro takes the guesswork out of tracking in this area. Run this report to see standard race and gender designation selected by each candidate at time of application. Avert the risk and stay compliant.

EEO & OFCCP Reporting

Affirmative action plan applicant tracking

Applicant Log

You have been tasked with keeping track of your organization's affirmative action plan. Manual tracking through spreadsheets is a drag but because of the individual nature of the plan, you don't know of another way. ApplicantPro helps simplify this for you by allowing you to customize your applicant flow log.

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