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Automated Applicant Screening

When making a new hire, screening applicants is just as important as attracting them. And, when your talent pool is thriving, the last thing you want to do is spend an abundance of time sorting through hundreds of unqualified applicants. At ApplicantPro, we automate the initial screening process, allowing you to reach the best candidates faster.

Applicant Tracking System

Unlock your hiring potential.

The right questions will bring you the right applicants.

Every job within your organization requires unique qualifications and skills and your job questions should reflect that. ApplicantPro makes it easy to ask questions within each job posting that are directly associated with that open position. The way each applicant responds to these questions makes screening candidates a breeze!

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Auto Disqualifiers help you identify potential hires faster

As a company, you are looking for applicants who meet specific requirements to be the best fit for your open positions. If an applicant doesn't meet the minimum qualifications you've set for your jobs, they likely won't be considered for hire. ApplicantPro allows you to set auto disqualifiers that will set aside the group of candidates who don't meet your requirements. This allows you to focus your time and energy on an applicant pool of top talent without having to sort through unqualified candidates.

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Cognitive & behavioral pre-hire assessments

Sometimes hiring the right candidates requires you to look beyond an applicant's resume. Our fully integrated pre-employment assessments help you find candidates with the traits, temperament, and skill set that are best suited for your open positions. These assessments are an invaluable tool that gives you the insight you need to help ensure you're fueling your talent engine with the right candidates. If you're already using assessment software... that's great! Take comfort in knowing we can integrate your existing assessment software with your ApplicantPro account.

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Automated video interviews

Interviewing candidates can be a lengthy and tedious process - especially if you're wasting time conducting interviews with the wrong applicants. Save yourself the time and headache of interviewing unqualified candidates by incorporating video interviewing as part of your hiring process. Allow your candidates to answer the same set of questions virtually and on their own time. The virtual interviews will be saved within their applicant profile for your team to review, rewatch, and rate at your convenience.

Simplified Reference Checks

Stop chasing down your applicants' references! Do it electronically within our system to save you time and hassle. With just a few clicks, you can send requests via email, track progress, and receive responses within the system. If a call is necessary, there is a place to record the information gathered.