If you’re tired of low applicant flow, spending top dollar on recruiting tools, and wasting time screening unqualified applicants...

It’s time to consider Recruitment Marketing

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Recruitment Marketing is a done-with-you approach to achieving recruiting success. To find and keep top talent when there is more employment competition than ever before, you need a partner that will prioritize your organization’s needs and find the best ways to attract, motivate, and retain the right people.

Your People + Our People

Let’s team up and solve your organization’s applicant sourcing problems

  • You’ll gain a dedicated recruiting strategist team who will act as an extension of your hiring team.
  • We will assess your current processes and determine the best recruiting strategy for your needs.
  • We will create a custom roadmap to help you execute the strategy in the most effective way possible.
  • This works hand-in-hand with your current ATS and can be a powerful addition to ANY applicant management platform.

Why Companies Large and Small Trust ApplicantPro


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What Recruitment Marketing looks like for you..

Besides being totally awesome

Target Analysis provides powerful insight into how to attract your ideal applicants

We will conduct a thorough target analysis to help you understand who your target job seeker is and how to attract them. We will build out a job seeker persona that accurately represents your ideal applicant, identifies where to find them, and what is going to motivate them to apply.

Custom Job Ads attract and motivate job seekers to apply

Our industry experts will write three optimized job ads using innovative recruiting strategies. We will ensure your job ads effectively speak to your ideal job seeker, offer solutions to their employment pains, and entices them to apply.

We believe the people we have hired are going to be a huge benefit to us. In the interviews, we asked them why they applied to our position. All the people that we interviewed and those that we hired were impressed by the job posting itself. It pushed them to investigate us further by looking up our website, google reviews, etc. I remember very few previous applicants going to that length to learn about our company and our culture. Thank you for your service to us. I feel that this has really helped bring more qualified candidates to the interview process.

Lin Neff | Executive Director


An Employee Referral Program is the most powerful source for qualified applicants

We will set up and execute an employee referral program and provide an easy way for your employees to share open jobs. We will even pay your employee incentives for participating!

Monthly Iteration & Performance Reports ensure you’re set up for long-term success

Each month your account manager will gather and review the previous month’s metrics, prepare an overview report, and conduct a review meeting with your team to make adjustments for improvement.

How we work together to rollout your new optimized recruiting strategy

The success of any strategic project comes down to the same four phases... Preparation, planning, consistency, & execution. Recruitment Marketing is no different. We will use the following high-level approach:

Preparation & Strategy

Our team will conduct reviews, process audits, marketing analysis to help us prepare the necessary systems & content for your Recruitment Marketing launch. Including three job ads for each core position.

Roadmap & Implementation

We will align our management teams to ensure we’re ready to implement your Recruitment Marketing engine. We’ll maximize your job board effectiveness, empower employee referrals, and kick off an outbound recruiting strategy.

A Drumbeat of Consistency

Once the Recruitment Marketing Engine has been launched, our team will drive ongoing actions, reviews, and adjustments necessary to enhance our approach and expand results.

Tracking Progress

Each month your account manager will gather the previous month’s metrics, prepare an overview report, and conduct a review meeting with your team focusing on core metrics that result in repeatable recruiting success.

The Next Step to Recruiting Success

Let’s talk through your hiring needs, find a done-with-you strategy that works with your current processes, and fill your applicant pool with top talent.

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Common Questions About Recruitment Marketing Services

Can we use our existing ATS?

Absolutely. Our Recruitment Marketing Services integrate seamlessly with any Applicant Management Platform so all new applicants generated through our RM strategy will appear directly in your ATS.

What if we wanted to switch to another ATS?

If you’re not happy with your current Applicant Tracking System, you should talk with our team about utilizing our ATS with your Recruitment Marketing Strategy. We can discuss any pricing questions you have and ensure our Hiring Software meets your needs.

What if we don’t use an ATS?

Let us show you what you’re missing out on! An ATS will streamline your entire hiring process and make your life so much easier. But if what you’re doing to manage applicants is working for you... there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken.

What happens to the applicants I don’t hire?

They’re yours forever! Unlike third-party recruiting firms, you’ll always have access to the applicants you receive. So, when a future hiring need arises, you can tap into your pool of past applicants.

Do I need to learn new software?

Nope! Our team of recruiting strategists will run the backend of your recruiting strategy for you, including posting your job ads and pulling reports. If you decide to use our ATS implementation, our team will train whoever will be utilizing the software to manage your applicants.

What if I have more questions?

Let’s schedule a quick call with a recruiting strategist.