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Pre-Hire Assessments

Without pre-employment testing, it can be nearly impossible to identify an applicant's skills or personality with just a resume or application in hand. And let's face it, using only traditional application methods to get to know your candidate often leads to poor hiring decisions and headaches that could have been avoided! Pre-employment assessments provide powerful insight into your applicant's strengths and weaknesses and are an essential piece of the screening process to ensure you're making the right hire!

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Powerful Insight with Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-Hire Assessments can predict how well a candidate will perform in the new position, their personality fit, top skills, knowledge, and projected retainability. At ApplicantPro our assessments are here to help your organization easily identify the candidates that you want. The pre-employment tests are simple and customizable. Whether you need behavioral tests, cognitive tests, skill tests, or a combination of all of them, our integrations can be modified to fit your hiring needs! You can have applicants take an assessment when they apply or later in the hiring process. Once complete, you will have a snapshot of the candidate that can ultimately assist in the decision process, helping to ensure you hire the best candidates.

Behavioral Pre-Employment Assessment

A behavioral assessment is a set of questions that can inform an employer of an applicant's behavioral traits and how they could affect future job performance. It can also help a hiring manager pick candidates with specific behavioral traits that could contribute to the overall success of the job they are applying for, and allow you to see how your applicants stack up against the top performers at your company.

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Cognitive Pre-Employment Assessment

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Cognitive assessments are similar to IQ tests and can enlighten employers on the numeric, verbal, and reasoning abilities of a candidate which can help take the guesswork out of deciding whether they will be able to successfully learn and perform the duties of the job.

Research shows that high cognitive ability enables employees to think, learn fast, solve complex problems, and develop more efficient working methods. Wouldn't you love to know this about your candidates before hiring them?

Our Cognitive tests can be combined together with Skill and Behavioral tests to provide a comprehensive hiring assessment that is geared toward your specific hiring needs.

Understand your candidates better with Skills Testing!

On their resume, Job seekers can easily advertise themselves to fit the requirements outlined in the employer's job description. Go beyond the piece of paper with Skills Testing to accurately predict a candidate's competency in the job. This can include testing on computer skills like typing and Microsoft Office, as well as workplace skills such as analyzing, attention to detail, language, grammar, math skills, and much more. All of these options provide a deeper understanding of your candidates so you can make much more informed hiring decisions.

Coaching Guide

Coaching Guides provide information that will assist a Coach in understanding an employee's unique profile as it pertains to work-related characteristics. It can also provide the participant with a better understanding of themselves. It is designed to assist the coaching or mentoring relationship by providing a starting point for meaningful discussion about an individual's values, needs, and objectives. The guide assists Coaches to ask pertinent questions and provide relative feedback and ideas that are tailored to the individual. It aids the Coach in identifying and then leveraging the individual's unique strengths as well as provides coaching tips for how to encourage ongoing development, specific to the individual.

Team Fit

Team-Fit is a team development tool that helps leaders and team members become more effective so they can reach their shared potential. It provides a short description of who is on your team and how they tend to show up at work primarily in one of nine categories.

Do you have a Detailer, a Realist, or a Strategist on your team? What about a Driver, a Chameleon, or a Diplomat? Perhaps you have a Maverick, a Forager, or a Harmonizer. Regardless of who is on your team, Team Fit will help you better understand your current team members and how you can work more collaboratively together to achieve your common goals.