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Compliant employment background checks

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Of Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Criminal Background Checks

Does your next hire have a questionable past? Could you be putting yourself and your organization at risk? By using ApplicantPro's background checks, you stand the best chance of finding a record (if one exists) because we use the instant criminal multi-state database search and the country criminal records search. And because these are done directly within the ApplicantPro system, the process couldn't be easier for you. With a few clicks, the check is initiated and the results are returned for you to view directly within the applicant tracking system.

Criminal Background Checks

Pre-employment drug testing

Drug Testing

Pre-employment and random drug testing is critical to the productivity of your employees and the safety of your company and clients. With ApplicantPro, drug testing your candidates and employees couldn't be easier. We coordinate all of the details, so you don't have to. An automated email is sent and includes important information (location close to home or work, time-frame, what to bring). Three of the most popular tests we run are 5 Panel Test, DOT Test, and Oxycodone 10 Panel Test . Positive results are sent off for further review at no additional cost to you. Once they are returned, the results will automatically show in the applicant tracking system. No more back and forth with the employee or the clinic. We take care of all of the details for you.


As part of our background checks, we do employment verification, education verification, professional license verification and DOT drug and alcohol or accidental history checks. Unfortunately this is an area where applicants tend to embellish or mislead. We want you to feel confident that your next hire has worked where they say they did and completed the level of education that they say they did. This information is verified and then returned back to the applicant tracking system for easy access and review.

Education and Employment Verifications

DOT Regulated Employees

DOT Regulated Employees

At ApplicantPro, we can help you with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated employee background checks as well as generally classified employees. Because these are special case employees and because they are heavily regulated by the DOT, we ensure that the criminal, drug testing and education and employment verifications are done according to regulations and that your department is in compliance.

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