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Job Boards

With a job listing in hand, you are ready to push the ad to job boards. This can be a manual and tedious process. Not with ApplicantPro; it only takes a few clicks and your job is live and ready for your applicants to apply. You can even specify state workforce sites and paid job boards as well. The way we list the jobs, it makes it super easy for job aggregators, such as, to scrape your jobs and to put them in front of their eager job seekers as well. Getting your openings in front of more people with so little effort on your part.

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Push jobs to job boards

Social Media Recruiting Candidates

Social Media

Using social media to attract candidates is smart recruiting. On a daily basis, your future candidates use these sites to interact with friends and family but also to look for jobs. We help you advertise openings through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without interfering with company marketing efforts. It is a win win.

Search Engines

Gone are the days where a job seeker would look through the classifieds over morning breakfast. Today 70% of job seekers go to Google or other search engines to look for open positions. Our team can help you optimize your job ad for the web so that you can be found by these search engines and by job aggregators as well. Setting the ad up right will set you up for being found by job seekers. And finding you is half the battle. (Pst. Thanks GI Joe)

Search engines google yahoo bing

Employee referral social media

Employee Referrals

Give your employees an easy way to get the word out about your open positions with ApplicantPro's employee referral portal. With a login, your employees can check out the hiring incentive by job and can see the number of views. Social media buttons make it simple to share with all of their contacts in just a click.

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