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Powerful Job Posting & Applicant Sourcing

Advertising job openings is a stressful process. With ApplicantPro your sourcing approach will expand into untapped applicant talent pools to effortlessly fuel your talent engine.

Applicant Tracking System

Unlock your hiring potential.

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Easily push your ad to thousands of job boards

With ApplicantPro you'll have access to over 5,000 Job Boards. You can push your job to state workforce sites, free job boards, paid job boards, and social media accounts all from one place. After making your job board selections, simply click one button and we will handle the rest. This convenience makes it easier than ever to get your openings in front of more people with little effort. And with our unique "Quick Apply" feature, job seekers can seamlessly apply directly from within the job board.

Integrated Employee Referrals

Your company's greatest advocates are your employees. The more they talk, the better! With an employee referral portal, it's exceptionally easy for your high-quality employees to refer their network of qualified friends with a click of a button.

Using social media is smart recruiting

Your future candidates use these sites to interact with friends and family... but they also us social media to network and look for jobs. We help you advertise openings through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter without interfering with ongoing company marketing efforts.

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Optimized for search engines

Did you know that over 70% of job seekers go to Google or other search engines to look for open positions? Our team of experts can help you optimize your job ad for the web to ensure your positions are being found by search engines and job aggregators as well.