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Indeed Sponsored Jobs

What is an Indeed Sponsored Job?

An indeed Sponsored job is a paid job ad that will show up in relevant search results for job seekers. This is the same concept as paid ads on internet search engines.

What are the benefits of sponsoring your job with Indeed?

  • Visibility! When you sponsor your job with Indeed, it will appear near the top of the search results visible to job seekers. When you don't sponsor your job ad, the job ad can quickly fall to the bottom of the list depending on the competition for the job within the area you're hiring.
  • "Employers are 4.5 times more likely to make a hire when they sponsor" a job ad with Indeed (1).
  • You can choose your own custom budgets and manage your sponsorship campaign within the ATS!

Is ApplicantPro integrated with Indeed Sponsored Jobs?

Yes! As one of Indeed's Preferred Partners, ApplicantPro is one of the partners with the Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration. With this integration, you can sponsor job listings and manage sponsorship campaigns directly from within ApplicantPro.

When should I sponsor a job with Indeed?

There are many situations where sponsoring your job on Indeed will be a great help!

If you need to hire right away, sponsoring your job will get it out in front of those who are looking.

If you are looking to hire for a specific region, this will make sure it's visible to those candidates who live in that region.

And in a very competitive job market, sponsoring your job is the best way to be visible to the most job seekers out there.

[1] Indeed data (worldwide)

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