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Auto Disqualify

What is Auto Disqualify?

Auto Disqualify is a feature that allows hiring managers to set parameters that candidates must meet in order to be marked as "qualified".

Candidates will answer a set of "Job Screening Questions" that you can set up in the initial application. Their answers will sort them within the employer's applicant tracking interface. The questions usually have to do with the absolute deal-breaking, minimum qualifications that are required for the job.

How are applicants automatically disqualified?

With ApplicantPro, you can automatically disqualify applicants with Job Screening Questions. When writing these questions, answers (usually yes or no) are created for each question and can be categorized as either a qualifying or a disqualifying answer. If an applicant chooses the answer that has been labeled as a "disqualifying" one, they will be filtered out from your "qualified" applicant pool automatically.

Are job screening questions different for each job?

Job screening questions are job-specific, so they will be different for each position. Job ad writers (whether they're on your HR team or our professional writers) can create job screening question groups. These job screening questions will be attached to your job listings in order to get applicants that meet the requirements for the position that a job ad is created for.

What are the benefits of Auto Disqualify?

Auto Disqualify will save you and your HR team a lot of time because our job screening questions will filter out the candidates that don't meet your minimum criteria, preventing you from having to dig through every single application. This will leave only the qualified applicants for you to screen.

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