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Of course you've heard of the big-name job boards like Glassdoor,, Monster, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter, but did you know that with a Job Board Integration your jobs can be posted to their sites? A Job Board Integration provides a way to take a user's job ads and post them to partner job boards. Doing so will increase the number of job seekers who see the posting and, in turn, increase the number of applicants!

We keep relationships with hundreds of online job boards so that you can post your job to their sites with one click. Once you've written you job ad in our applicant tracking system, you can choose from a list of local, national, and state job boards that fit the demographic of the people you are looking to hire and you'll have applicants in no time. To learn more about Job Board Integration with ApplicantPro, contact one of our product experts today!

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