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Indeed Interviews

What are Indeed Interviews?

Indeed has simplified scheduling and made conducting interviews so much easier, making your hiring process a lot faster. These virtual interviews are conducted online with ease. This allows you to meet the candidate for the first time or as an interview tool with your top candidates.

Is ApplicantPro Integrated with Indeed Interviews?

Yes! As one of Indeed's Platinum Partners, ApplicantPro clients have the ability to initiate interviews within their ApplicantPro account.

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How do the virtual interviews work?

Indeed has made it so simple and user-friendly to do these interviews!

  1. Setting up the interview on your ATS account: You can select the candidate you want to interview, choose the date and time of your interview, and even send the invitation for your interview right from your Indeed Account.
  2. Manage your interview: Your scheduled interviews will appear in your account. You will also receive email notifications to keep you informed about all your interviews.
  3. Conducting the interview: You and your candidate will receive a link on the day of your interview that will take you to your virtual interview. While speaking with the job candidate you'll also be able to see their resume and take notes on Indeed. When the interview is done you can update the candidate status within the ATS, making it easier to remember which candidates are your top choices.

What are the benefits of Indeed Interviews?

Unlike Zoom, this is a virtual lobby with separate interview rooms for each candidate. It's as if each candidate were to go to your building for an interview. You can call back the candidate, you can place people back in the waiting room if you need to continue chatting with them after another interview, and they can set up interviews with multiple interviewers. And the best part is that this integration is FREE for premium clients with an Indeed account!

There have been over 5.7 million interviews scheduled on Indeed (1). And of those 5.7 million interviews, there have been 40% fewer "no-shows" on average compared to those scheduled for in-person interviews (2). Indeed Interviews is a must-have tool to get those highly qualified candidates interviewed for your jobs.

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