New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork refers to the forms new hires complete upon accepting a job offer. It is to be completed before the employee starts working or receives his or her first paycheck. The paperwork includes a W-4 for federal tax withholding, Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, a job application form (even if the new hire has already provided a resume), State Withholding and Registration, and the distribution of an Employee Handbook. New hire paperwork can be completed online with an applicant tracking system.

We have teamed up with an integrated onboarding partner to simplify your new hire paperwork. Instead of handing your new hire a stack of papers to complete, have them complete them online. Cut back on errors and simplify the way they fill out their information. Allow them to review important company information as well, and electronically sign their documents. There are so many cool features here, contact us today to explore this option.

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