HR Communication is important in finding the right job applicant

HR Communication

What is HR Communication?

HR Communication is the exchange of Human Resource information from one party to another. HR Communication is especially important as candidates apply for current and future job openings.

Failure to communicate with applicants could result in:

  • loss of interest in your company
  • loss of other future applicants
  • negative word of mouth about your company
  • and consequently, loss of clients or customers, and revenue

HR Communication is always key!

Text Communication in ApplicantPro

One way that ApplicantPro helps employers and HR communicate with job seekers is through texting. ApplicantPro has integrated a texting platform that works just like email right within our system.

Our texting process in the system is exactly like sending an email, but the applicant receives the messages as a text. This protects your privacy, while still connecting and engaging with your applicants faster than ever.

For more information on how to use texting as a communication method with your applicants, sien up for a demo today!

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