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Paperless Hiring

What is paperless hiring?

Paperless Hiring refers to the use of electronic forms throughout the hiring process.

When would you use paperless hiring practices in the hiring process?

  • A company could use it to gather information during the recruitment stage: sourcing (including your company career site and job boards) and an online job application.
  • The information given during the screening stage can be paperless. This may include an I-9, E-Verify, background checks, reference checks, and electronic drug screening forms.
  • The information that is given during the onboarding stage; including offer letters, digital signatures, and a W-4.

What are the benefits of paperless hiring?

When using paperless hiring, everything is done online and stored in a database, usually within an applicant tracking system. This helps you to keep everything organized and at your fingertips. This allows you to share the information with other hiring managers or HR personnel who make hiring decisions. And makes your whole hiring process more streamlined and efficient.

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