Employee Onboarding

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of which a newly hired employee gets adjusted to his or her new role in the company. Onboarding includes not only performance aspects of their job, but legal paperwork, and the attitude of an organization as well. In ApplicantPro's effort to provide quality hiring software, we have teamed up with amazing partners that offer integrated onboarding solutions to our clients.

Here are two major parts to onboarding:

Transactional Onboarding - Transactional onboarding is focused on completing all the necessary documents required for a new hire. This includes the collection of forms such as the W-4, I-9, insurance forms, direct deposit forms, the non-disclosure agreement, etc. So that your new hire can legally begin working.

Acculturation - Acculturation is more of the organic process of showing the new hire what the company culture is, how his or her team will work, and what responsibilities he or she will hold.

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Why Is Onboarding Software Awesome?

Employee onboarding is easy

It's EASY!

  • Both you and the employee have access to everything you need at your fingertips.
  • No more faxing, mailing and re-entering information!
  • Your employee will only get the questions based on their individual needs.
Employee onboarding saves time

Saves Time

  • Your new hire will get to where you want them to be faster with our easy online forms!
  • Save time by not having to copy and paste or customize reports.
  • Improves quality without sacrificing speed.
Employee onboarding decreases turnover

Decreases Turnover

  • Onboarding helps people find their fit, which increases job satisfaction.
  • Good onboarding ultimately leads to happier employees.
  • Helps new employee be ready for his or her first day.

What Does Our Partner's Onboarding Software Include?

See how we can streamline your process.

Employee onboarding is paperless

Simple, Paperless Process

  • All online! No clutter, and no frantic hunts for the information you need. It's stored securely and conveniently in one place.
  • Reduces errors. The auto populate feature means the correct info is placed everywhere it needs to be. No handwriting, which means no need to decipher anyone's cryptic scribbles. All data is legible and accurate.
Employee onboarding is secure

Secure Electronic Process

  • Auto populate. Employees enter their info once and it is entered into all necessary forms. No need to repeat inserting the same things over and over, which will lead to fewer errors!
  • Safe. The data is stored on secure servers, forms are sent securely and electronically to their destination, and the portal features three levels of user access.
Employee onboarding forms

Complete Forms Package

  • All standard forms are ready to go! This includes W-4, I-9, insurance enrollment, 401k enrollment, and more.
  • Add any custom forms your company needs, streamlining whatever your unique onboarding process may be.
Employee onboarding e-Verify


  • With our e-Verify integration all of that information can be easily submitted and accessed.
onboarding software custom reports

Custom Reports

  • Create custom reports about any data collected from any form.
  • Export forms to be printed or viewed in bulk.
onboarding compliance


  • Track forms and data for EEO, Veterans, persons with disabilities, etc.
  • Avoid costly mistakes from incorrect data.