HR & Recruiting Glossary

This glossary will support any HR professional, business owner, or hiring manager. Here you will be able to find the knowledge of key terms and concepts shaping the hiring world.

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Human Resources

What is Human Resources (HR)?

Human resources refers to the department within a company that manages the personnel, workforce, and relationships between employees and the employer. The primary goal of human resources is to optimize the effectiveness of the workforce in order to achieve the organization's goals and objectives.

What are some of the functions of Human Resources?

  • Recruiting and filling staffing needs
  • Employee/employer relations
  • Employee training and development
  • Compensation & benefits management
  • Evaluating and managing employee performance
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Developing HR procedures and policies
  • Health & wellness of employees

Human resources professionals play a crucial role in managing the human capital of an organization and contributing to its overall success.

Does ApplicantPro offer Human Resources Software?

Yes, ApplicantPro offers a Full HCM solution that is customizable to fit your needs! This solution includes Onboarding, Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits Enrollment and Administration, Time and Labor Management, Scheduling, and Expense Management!

How can ApplicantPro help with my HR needs?

With ApplicantPro HR you can simplify work processes with our all-in-one platform, reducing the need for multiple logins and switching between screens. You can improve compliance and mitigate risk with automatic updates. With our HR you can easily create comprehensive reports and track key analytics. And most importantly, you can help your employees better understand benefits and self-enroll in options that best match their expectations and requirements.

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