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Innovative Hiring is the New iPhone

Unlimited PTO, gym memberships, ping pong tables in employee break rooms. You may have noticed a lot of employers (Tech companies especially) have been filling their offices and job ads with tons of these creative employment perks in the last few years as they work to make their positions more valuable.

Changes in the Hiring Game

These companies, are the iPhone of the hiring world. They're changing the game completely. They've raised the expectations that job seekers have not only for them but for jobs and application processes everywhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have organizations that have stayed behind, stuck in their old ways of hiring, unwilling to make changes for the benefit of job seekers, and ultimately themselves. I'd call these companies HR’s Nokia.

Sure, you're still around, but you're constantly struggling to draw in qualified applicant flow and keep up.

You may think that only a few companies are upgrading their processes and hoping you can continue to resist the change… but we're soon reaching a tipping point.

Focus Your Hiring on the Job Seeker

Job seekers will no longer accept being treated like they don’t matter. They won't fill out long redundant applications, they won't wait for employers with slow response times and tedious processes.

Job seekers will simply take their job skills elsewhere where they feel valued.

This may sound like a bad thing, but on the upside, you still have a chance to get ahead before it's too late. Check out this week’s video where I’ll show you how to attract and hire great applicants regardless of the unemployment rate.

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Prioritizing Job Seekers

The truth is that job seekers hold the power in the relationship with potential employers right now. HR professionals can’t afford to miss out on qualified candidates, and especially can’t afford to drive them away.

Company focused hiring is outdated and with a talent market this limited, it's ineffective.

The sooner you embrace this reality, the sooner you can experience the benefits that come from prioritizing job seekers.

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to make the shift to innovative hiring.

Watch the video to learn how simply shifting your mindset about your process and making minor changes can be your competitive edge to leave other companies behind.

In a world full of outdated ideas, innovative hiring is the new iPhone.

Ready to make the jump? Check out our Job Board Optimization Cheat Sheet for job board specific strategies to pair with your new applicant focused process and boost the number of qualified candidates you receive at little to no cost.

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Get More Applicants from Job Boards

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