HR hiring hero in her superhero cape

Fixing Your Hiring Process Will Make You an HR Hero!

In the human resources industry, actually, just in the business world itself, I find that a lot of people have begun accepting mediocre results because they believe that's as good as it gets.

For whatever reason, there is this shared belief that things, in this case, hiring, are the way they are and that it's simply "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit".

The human resources industry blames poor hiring on things like local economies, the changing political climate, the new generation of job seekers and the ever-changing unemployment rate.

They use all of those reasons as an excuse to continue along with subpar hiring results.

Well as a self-proclaimed Hiring Guru, I have made it my mission to disprove that theory and teach HR professionals that they are able to impact the results they get from their hiring process.

I truly want human resources departments to see that they are able to make a change, and at my last user's conference, Colleen taught me that it's working.

Watch today's video to see how Colleen took control of her hiring process and became a Human Resources Hiring Hero in her organization by making small changes with huge results.

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How to become a Human Resources Hiring Hero:

  1. 1. Stop believing what everyone else is saying.

    No seriously, be brave enough to believe you can make a difference because if you don't believe that, no one else is going to either.

  2. 2. Try things that no one else is trying.

    If you're not willing to think outside of the box when it comes to your hiring process, you're going to be stuck getting the same results everyone else is getting.

  3. 3. Write job ads that sound different.

    Stop focusing on your competitors' job ads and start writing job ads that would interest job seekers and make them want to work at your company.

  4. 4. Focus on the best sources.

    Don't just post your job ads to indeed because that is what the industry has told you to do. Take a deep dive into your hiring process and find out what your best sources for hires are and really concentrate on those when it comes to advertising your jobs. (Bonus! Incorporate an employee referral program into your hiring!)

When you're willing to make these changes and implement these four steps into your organization you'll find that you're able to have a huge impact. I'm not talking about gaining one or two more applicants, I'm talking seeing a large increase in applicant flow, and higher quality applicants resulting in the best hires for your company.

If you're ready to be brave and become a hiring hero, let me help you make your first step with my guide to optimizing job boards. This guide will give you six techniques (that your competitors probably aren't using) to optimize your results from job boards and get you 50-300% more qualified applicants.

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Get More Applicants from Job Boards

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HR hiring hero in her superhero cape
Fixing Your Hiring Process Will Make You an HR Hero!

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