Write effective job ad for your qualified job seekers

6 Steps to a More Engaging Job Ad

Over 85% of people who start reading a job ad DON'T end up applying for the position.

That's a huge talent pool you're missing out on, and it could be fixed by simply rewriting your job ad.

There tends to be two main reasons a job ad doesn't work, either they are boring, and not engaging or they overstate the job requirements and scare off the jobseekers. If you're able to remedy these two problems and rewrite a more engaging job ad, you could be seeing a 200-300% increase in applicant flow.

I've created 6 Steps to a More Engaging Job Ad that will help you drop the boring job description and write a job ad that attracts qualified applicants!

Before we get into the 6 parts of the job ad, I want you to keep a couple things in mind:

  • First of all, remember this job ad's goal is to convince them they want to apply. You want your job seekers to say, “This sounds just like me!” The goal of the ad is not to filter people out, or to tell people about the requirements, its simply to convince the job seekers to apply.
  • Second, remember the tone of the ad should reflect your company's culture. If you're a company is a little more laid back, you have room to speak more candidly throughout the ad, where as if you have a very “button down” type of company culture, you'll want a job ad that's more professional and polished. Showing tone of your company in this early stage is important to ensure you're attracting the job seekers that will be the best fit culturally for your company.

With these two thoughts in mind, lets jump into the 6 steps to writing a great job ad.

6 Steps to a More Engaging Job Ad

Step 1: Introduction

Your job ad intro should be one to two sentences about the position. It should be short but straight to the point. The job ad introduction will be what shows in the search results on job boards.

Step 2: About Your Company

Talking about your company in a job ad shouldn't be the formal high-level description that's on your website. This description should come from your employee's perspective; it should talk about the company in Layman's terms. A good way to discover what this company description should be is to ask your employees what they tell their friends or family when asked about what your company does.

Step 3: Day In the Life

Take the Day In the Life section of your job ad to write a little story for the job seeker about what this job is about. This is another opportunity to get advice from your current employees! Ask someone who currently does that job what a day in their life is like, what they do when they get to work, who the report to, and what are some of their daily responsibilities and goals. The Day In the Life section should be about 1-2 paragraphs.

Step 4: Job Requirements

The Job Requirements section provides an opportunity where you can use a bulleted list, as you want this section to be short and specific. Do not use this section to talk about preferred requirements. Talking about requirements here could deter a large portion of your job seekers.

Step 5: Pay and Benefits

In the Pay and Benefits section of your job ad, talk about what makes your job unique, whether its great pay or you offer some amazing benefits. If you don't have the most competitive pay out there, but you offered unlimited paid time off, be sure to mention it here so job seekers know why they want to work for your company.

Step 6: Tell Applicants How to Apply

Finally, give job seekers clear instructions on what they need to do to apply, whether it's sending a resume or filling out an online application. You'll especially want to advertise if you have a short and simple application process.

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