employees happy with company success

How Hiring With Intention Can Shape Your Organization for Success

"Of course we're always looking for better ways to attract and retain the right people. I'm hoping to pick your brain here – as I'm most impressed by the quality of people that you seem to have working for you.

In various conversations with my team I've said, 'ApplicantPro stands out as a company I would work for, what are they doing over there?' In all encounters we have with members of your team – well, everything always seems spot on – the knowledge, professionalism, eagerness, friendliness, they just seem happy to be doing what they're doing.

So, the question – is there anything you can share with me about what you do? From bringing people on through orientation/onboarding/training, and retention? I understand you have a very creative philosophy on how you select your hires. I'm very interested in knowing what happens after that as well."

I received the above email from a client the other day, asking about how I go about hiring for my company ApplicantPro. I certainly would like to think I've assembled a fantastic team, but it's always nice to see that others notice as well.

This wasn't the first time I've been approached about my unique approach to hiring at my company. The fact that I maintain a staff of 80% women in the tech space alone, seems to catch people's attention.

In this week's video, I take a deep dive into how I built one of the fastest growing companies by hiring the right people.

Keep in mind, I started in the same place as all tech startups, with very limited resources, and very few perks. While I do credit some of my early success to being insanely lucky with my first few hires, I also believe that the momentum continued by hiring the right kind of people.

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Tips for how to hire with intention:

  1. Begin hiring with intent early – don't just look for a butt to fill the seat.
  2. Use pre hiring assessments to find the right fit for your organization.
  3. Focus in on the things that will matter in the future – not just the cognitive skills for the position.

Remember, a good employee goes much further than what is on their resume. In order for your company to grow and be successful, you need the right team in place to help you get there.

Take some time to watch this week's video and start thinking about what steps, beyond just pre hiring assessments you're taking to make intentional hires in your company.

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employees happy with company success
How Hiring With Intention Can Shape Your Organization for Success

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