By: Steven Smith

Is Applying for “No Specific Job” or “Steering” Illegal?

Two very important court cases were settled this year about "steering" applicants into jobs. Learn more about what this means for your hiring process.

By: Angie Rupp

Background Checks: How Compliant is Your Compliance?

We dive in deep into the world of background checks and tell you all you need to know about how to remain compliant when hiring a new employee.

By: Callie Hansen

The Ongoing Evolution of the Performance Review

Employers are ditching performance ratings in annual performance reviews. We break down why you should get rid of ratings and implement a new review process.

By: Caleb Larkin

The Application: Get the Right Information Fast

The application is the key part of your hiring process. Learn about the many different ways to format the application so it will best fit your hiring needs.

By: Denise Kasanicky

The Electronic Signature: Is it Valid for Onboarding?

People are often skeptical about the validity of the electronic signature, especially for onboarding. This article breaks down when it is and isn't valid.

By: Callie Hansen

ApplicantPro Makes the Utah 100 Top 50

In rankings released early November, ApplicantPro makes the top 50 of the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah in 2015.

By: Angie Rupp

Free HRCI Webinars – New Heights in HR Education

We're helping you reach new heights in HR Education! Learn about our upcoming HRCI webinars and how they can help you and your HR department.

By: Taryn Barnes

3 Ways to Safeguard Against Dishonest Candidates

Learn about the top 3 ways to safeguard your company from dishonest candidates during the hiring process.

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