By: Taryn Barnes

Screening Applicants Via Social Media: Yea or Nay?

In this article we weigh the pros and cons about the increasingly popular practice of screening applicants via social media.

Applicant receiving a message from hiring manager

By: Caleb Larkin

5 Steps to Improve Communication with Applicants

Top 5 Steps to improving communication with your applicants! Good communication with applicants is one of them most important parts to the hiring process.

By: Steven Smith

Understanding Independent Contractor Classifications

With recent changes to labor laws, we take an in-depth look at independent contractors and how it impacts your hiring process.

hiring manager conducting job interview with applicant

By: Taryn Barnes

4 Qualities to Look for in an Applicant

Learn about 4 important qualities to look for in an applicant during the hiring process so you can hire the perfect candidate for your company.

improve strategic think in HR department

By: Angie Rupp

5 Steps to Strategic Thinking – Shattering HR Strategy Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions when it comes to business strategy. We outline 5 steps that will improve strategic thinking in your HR department.

By: Callie Hansen

The Power of a Question in HR

HR needs to ask more questions! In this article we discuss the power of a question and how HR can implement questioning in their hiring process.

By: Taryn Barnes

3 Reasons to Consider Social Media and Mobile Recruiting

Find out the three main reasons to consider social media and mobile recruiting in your search to find the perfect candidate.

By: Kyle McKinney

EEOC and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand

Understanding EEOC guidelines before running background checks is very important. We take an in-depth look at why and how it affects your hiring process.

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