hr looking at hiring metrics

What if metrics won't solve your hiring problems?

Let's face it...

You can't go anywhere in business and not have somebody talk to you about data. The fact of the matter is, having metrics is all the rage in business.

Often times people look to data in hopes of finding the one right answer to solving their business problem.

And, while I do agree that gathering data and having metrics is important...

When it comes to improving your hiring process, metrics might not hold the answers you're looking for. If what you're doing isn't working, then your data is just proof that it isn't working.

Your goal as a hiring professional is to stand out from your competitors -- doing so requires out of the box thinking and trying new and innovative things.

Most new cool ideas won't be found in the data because they are things you've never tried before -- But, in retrospect, they make sense logically.

In today's video, I'm going to walk you through how to tap into unthought-of hiring process improvements using inspiration and your intuition. Check it out!

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Surprisingly enough, my best ideas when it comes to running, and knowing how to hire for, my business come from almost no data points whatsoever.

Data and metrics are for optimizing the right hiring approach while Intuition is for creativity and coming up with new ways to solve problems.

If you're looking to improve your hiring process, follow my 5 steps to intuitive problem-solving...

  1. Instead of focusing on the data and metrics, walk through the process -- This means applying for your open positions as a job seeker and working through the entire process as a manager. Gain a solid understanding of each step in the process and ask yourself -- does this make the process better or worse?
  2. Talk to actual people who go through the process -- When job seekers come in for interviews, ask them a few simple questions about the application process, the job ad, and job questions. Check out reviews from job seekers on Indeed to receive feedback from actual job seekers!
  3. Look at general data and feedback from the entire hiring world or your industry -- I did this huge data study looking into applicant flow across 7,000+ companies. The data concluded that 99% of the job seekers who searched for a job in your location, didn't apply to your job. This data is important and you can read more about it here -- While the data doesn't tell you what to do about it... it means there is opportunity!
  4. Identify a "spirit animal process" -- Find a process that's working that's similar to your process, gather ideas, and adjust them! When it comes to hiring and attracting applicants... it's just marketing. Job ads are blog posts, and job boards are search engines -- the same tools and approaches that marketers use will help you market your jobs in a way to attract more qualified applicants. Find a spirit animal process outside your world of hiring!
  5. Fill in the blank to ask yourself these 3 questions --


    What if...?

    How might we...?

Rather than focusing on metrics and data, focus on gathering information on the experience.

You can start by utilizing my free Job Ad Checklist, to help you walk through your job ad to identify if each aspect of your job ad is helping or hindering your qualified applicant flow.

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