women hiding her weakness in hr

Everyone Has Weaknesses.. Hack Around Yours

If everyone thought and did things the same way, how boring would the world be?

We could not explore different areas of life because everyone would have identical talents and abilities. There would be no diversity because there would be no discomfort in growth. We would be nowhere near the society we are today.

Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. Both are important.

Most commonly, people in the HR world thrive off of organization and processes. However, the structure is difficult to maintain in an evolving company. Your techniques need to be changing and progressing with the company as well.

For most people, that is a lot easier said than done.

In this week's video, I’ll show you how to find ways to excel in certain areas that do not come naturally to you.

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If you want to make change, but the change is not there, I have found that it is okay to feed off of other’s talents.

You do not need all the answers, you can find help and guidance along the way.

Borrow brilliance and find your spirit animal.

To help you find that inspiration until you discover a flow of your own, remember the few tips I stated in the video:

  1. Find a process similar to yours.
  2. Borrow their creativity.
  3. Try small changes, rather than big, and see if it works for you.
  4. If it does work, DO MORE OF IT!

Find ways to get to where you need to go, even if you are not the person in the driver's seat.

If you’re stuck, I hope I can be one of the people you go to when you need a little motivation. I have my strengths and you have yours. I can be the right brain and you can be the left and we can run with it.

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women hiding her weakness in hr
Everyone Has Weaknesses.. Hack Around Yours

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