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Trigger Warning: You're missing out on 99% of applicants

After talking with several employers I've noticed a hiring trend in what I like to call the "post and pray method". Essentially this means, they'll grab the same job ad that they've always used, throw it out on the job boards (post), and assume (pray) that any available and qualified talent will see their ad and apply.

They've become comfortable with the assumption that what they get is what they get, and if they don't get enough applicants it simply means there's not talent available for hire. Sound familiar?

But, what if I told you that you are currently seeing less than 1% of the possible candidates for your jobs.

You heard that right.

You're missing out on 99% of the potential candidates that could apply for your jobs.

In today's video, I want to walk you through how I came to that conclusion and what you can do to change it. Check it out!

Job Ad Review Checklist

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We gathered a whole bunch of data from Indeed and our client base to conduct a huge study of 3 month's worth of applicants. With over half a billion job searches that our jobs appeared on, we generated 3 million applicants... for a whopping .6% apply rate.

That means, less than 1% of people who searched for a job title and location that matched up with one of our client's jobs, actually ended up applying.

Seems hard to believe but in actuality, this is probably overstating what most employers are seeing -- Especially if you consider employers who use an ATS that isn't optimized for Indeed Apply.

Now, I recognize that some of these candidates might not be the best fit, interested in your job, or ready to apply.

But there is no way that with a 99% miss-out rate that you couldn't do something to attract even .5% more candidates to almost double your applicant flow!

Bottom line... Recognize the potential that is out there and imagine what you can do to impact the end result if you change the way you do things, instead of doing the same things you've always done.

I put together a FREE Job Ad Review Checklist to help ensure you're targeting the right job seekers, picking better keywords, and writing an ad that will generate qualified candidates that you're missing out on. If used correctly it will immediately increase your applicant flow by 50-300%!

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11 ways to make your Job Ad more unique!

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