Job Ad Review Checklist

A tool to ensure your job ads will engage your future applicants and motivate top talent to apply.

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What's Inside?

  • 10 questions you should be asking yourself to ensure your job ads are engaging.

  • A before/after example showing how to utilize this tool.

  • A template for using keywords to maximize your exposure.

  • The elements of a job ad that will make you stand out from your competitors.

  • Tips for increasing applicant flow by 50-300%!

  • How to effectively provide transparency.

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How the Job Ad Review Checklist Works

On average, less than 1 in 10 candidates who read a job ad, actually ends up applying. It would be easy to assume the other 90% simply weren't qualified, but, the fact of the matter is, it has little to do with how qualified (or unqualified) the job seeker is, and more to do with how compelling the job ad is!

The Job Ad Review Checklist will give you the competitive advantage you need to ensure you're not missing out on qualified applicants.

This tool will teach you how to properly use keywords, reach unthought-of applicant pools, and showcase employer transparency to market your company as an employer of choice. Utilizing this tool will enable you to attract more qualified applicants to fuel your talent engine by providing the keys to writing a more compelling job ad!

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