Hotel Hiring Magic! 8 Ways to Gift Yourself Applicants that Truly Fit

Hotel Hiring Magic! 8 Ways to Gift Yourself Applicants that Truly Fit

ApplicantPro Author - Heather Costa
by Heather Costa

Hotel hiring can be challenging. Here are 8 ways that you can attract more of the right candidates.

1.Make a nice wish list: List what you really truly want to find in a candidate for each position you are hiring for. Have you heard of the trend called developing Job Applicant Personas?

2. Take time to really understand who your target job seekers are. Did you know that many housekeepers already have a background in customer service, and other face-to-face positions? Do a quick resume search in-house, or on Indeed. Retail, sales, office coordinators, receptionists, food service, cashiers, security work… go back and see where most of your current staff came from. Similar positions exist in industries outside of yours, with employees who demonstrate the ideal traits you described in #1. There are groups of candidates that could easily transition from their industry to yours.

3. Think outside of your pretty, wrapped box! How about rethinking scheduling? Fill your application inbox with all kinds of new applicants by offering multiple shifts, shorter shifts, weekend shifts, and pay differentials during the least desirable times. Offering shorter, 3-4 hour shifts entices many applicants you haven’t even considered! Stay-at-home moms, students, people looking for a second job… you have some solid, future employees, who just need a more FLEXIBLE WORK TIME.

4. Have you thought of using your “captive audience” to help you recruit? Your guests, your staff, your vendors; you have relationships with them. Why not share with them what you are looking for in a candidate and ask for referrals? They know you, they know your culture. If they are part of your fan base, they may come up with just the right person for you to interview.

5. If you find yourself in a continual shortage of a certain position: Raise the Pay! The price of turnover heavily outweighs this simple, attractive plan to bring in more applicants. Calculate the time spent refilling the applicant pool for the same position at the lower wage. What if raising the wage got you a hire that stayed double, triple the time, or permanently?

6. Be more Flashy, Sparkly, Inviting! What do your current job ads look like?

It Sings! “Come Work With Us! Life is Awesome Here!”
It Groans… “hey. we have a spot. you need the money. (yawn). let’s just see how long this thing lasts.”
It may even BARK: “WoRkiNg here is a MaJoR ChAlleNge eVeRy sinGle DaY… tHeRe aRe a MilLiOn ReQuiReMeNts and ReSPoNsiBiliTies! LeT’s seE hOw DeSpERate YOU REaLLy ARe for ReAlLy hOrRibLe pAy!”
(Your applicant envisions either a drill sergeant or a toothless bouncer giving them a black eye after they read your lengthy scare tactic lists). This screams DO NOT APPLY. We hope your ads sing like the first one. If you need some help during this busy season, give yourself the gift of a free, no-strings-attached job ad for your current vacancy.

7. Make Applying EASY and Replying FAST! People are less patient. Millennials, in particular, tend to tie worth to response time. If you are interested in an applicant at all, you best respond quickly. On the Application side, you can do phases of applying, and not blast people out the door with a monstrous invasive form right off the bat. Get the basic info and criteria you need, + a resume. Then let them know you may ask for more information in future interactions. People appreciate you not wasting their time, and you have the benefit of not exasperating your own time with lengthy reviews of unnecessary info in the first stages.

8. Include assistant management and supervisors in your hiring decisions, and demonstrate a culture of “Treating Employees Well.” This is honestly, one of the most attractive strategies you can offer. Showing unity in managerial staff, courtesy and respect in demeanor and judgement, then offering pay and benefits that welcome your employees… this yields devotion to your vision and to your brand.

BONUS! Remember: Gifted Loyalty is Priceless. When employees value you as their leader, realize that you are not alone in your successes. Show your gratitude. Recognize staff for their good work. Act genuinely. Communicate with professional kindness. You will see company productivity continue to skyrocket. Simultaneously, application flow for positions at your hotel will never see a shortage!

Many hotels do not have an HR person to handle hiring, on-boarding, etc. like most businesses do. The whole hiring process tends to fall to managers and supervisors who already have full plates! Hiring software offers tools to help you advertise, organize, interview, hire, and on-board. An ATS system does this all in one place. Make sure when you look into ATS companies, that their representatives are transparent with you on costs, contracts, and accessibility. What you want is a no-pressure, affordable, easy-to-integrate option for multiple needs.

Check out ApplicantPro’s variety of services. You will find excellent, informative demos, amazing customer service department, free trials, and no contracts.

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