What Does Your Employer Brand Say About Your Business

What Does Your Employer Brand Say About Your Business?

Millions of dollars are spent each year to create a unique employer brand. Every business wants to be the next Google, Nike, or Apple. Obtaining the right image in your industry will help your company recruit easily as people want to work for your organization. As HR professionals, how can you create an employer brand that speaks volumes? Here are some small things you can do that will make a big difference in the eyes of potential job applicants.

Highlight the Careers Portal

Show people what is fun and exciting about your company

Create a website that highlights the career opportunities with the company. What makes your organization desirable to candidates? You need to take the time to show people what is fun and exciting about your company. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Show the charitable work the company does, and give your staff time off to participate in the charitable work.
  • Take recruits on a tour of the facilities. We have all seen pictures and videos of people skateboarding down hallways or playing tennis in the board room at Facebook and Google. These elements of fun and relaxation in the workplace give people a desire to work for the company.
  • Use social media to your advantage. You want to post information about the careers page, but also funny quotes and images that will get people talking.
  • Interview new recruits and upload their videos to the website.

People need an incentive to apply for a job. This is a key element when creating a workplace that excites people. While not every company can offer a laid-back approach to management, there are other things you can showcase that will encourage people to apply. Here are some ideas:

  • Provide information about time off and corporate incentives
  • Include videos and images of staff members winning a big prize for reaching a goal

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Selling the Image

Truly selling the company to job candidates will help you in the recruitment process. The other thing a company must focus on with the brand image is the ad itself. What is it about the job ads that will motivate a person to apply for a job, or visit your website? You need to create a job ad that sells the company and role that person will have within the organization.

Showcase why your company is the leader in its field. People want a company they can brag about working for when they are talking to their friends. Tell candidates how fast the company is growing, and how there is room for them to expand their role. Discuss the “cool stuff” that your employees have access to like gym memberships, flexible hours, child care, and so on.

Create a job ad that sells the company and role that person will have within the organization”

The goal of proper employer branding is to drive a person to your website where they will look around and say “I want to work here.” The most important element of finding people is paying a great salary. If you offer a mediocre salary, you will not be able to bring people to the company with the talent, and the creative thinking approach your company needs to move forward.

One final element of a quality employer brand is to have a product or service you are proud of. If someone has a bad experience with your products, they can find themselves underwhelmed no matter what you provide. It is essential to always work on creating a brand image that you are proud of. Hire people that are competent in their job, and have the ability to create quality relationships with your customers.

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