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The Tale of 2 Job Ads

Nothing holds back the hiring process quite like a lack of qualified applicants.

When clients ask for our assistance in improving their results, we find that they are normally focused on identifying additional job boards to post their jobs to as the solution to their shortage.

Most Important Approach:

Create a job ad that speaks to your target job seekers.

While job boards certainly play a vital role in sourcing candidates, there are actually a couple of other ways to dramatically increase applicant flow, and these other options don’t cost any money.

The most important approach that we have found is to adjust the job ad to make it better speak to the target job seekers.

Get Candidates to Apply

Did you know that 90% of the people who view a job ad leave without applying? While certainly some of these people are not qualified for the position, there’s a good chance that just as many would be a good fit but fail to apply because there is something wrong with the job ad.

In the following video, I show a before and after look at a job ad that I re-worked for a client that produced a dramatic 400% increase in applicant flow. Along with showing the two ads, I also talk through exactly how I went about adjusting the ad to generate better results.

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