hr turning into a hiring superhero

Switch Out Your HR Hat to Drive Better Hiring Results

Remember the old Superman comics?

The ones where Superman and Lex Luthor went head to head in an epic fight scene, only for Lex to barely slip out of Superman’s grasp once again?

Then Lex would return to scheming and Superman would turn back into Clark Kent and return to his job writing columns at the Daily Planet until the next issue.

While most people tend to concentrate on the big fight scene, or whatever crazy plan Lex Luther might come up with next, today I want you to concentrate on the part where Superman becomes Clark Kent again.

Clark was mildly underappreciated in the comics. He was just the nerdy guy, that hid behind his glasses, and occasionally had the early scoop on Superman’s latest heroics. But did you know that Clark also won two Pulitzer prizes? Clark had his time and place to shine, in his writing.

Chances are Superman, busy with saving the day all of the time, wouldn’t have won a Pulitzer prize on his own. Just like Clark probably wouldn’t have been able to save the universe on his own.

Luckily these guys had their alter egos to balance them out.

And just like Clark Kent needed Superman, I think that any good Human Resources professional needs an alter ego themselves.

In today’s video, we’ll discuss how Human Resources can use their marketing alter ego to help drive hiring results.

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How to embrace your marketing alter ego as a Human Resources professional:

  1. Figure out what needs to be changed in order to improve the end results.
  2. Understand the drivers to the process and how they impact your end results.
  3. Focus externally on the target market. Ask yourself what drives the consumer's behavior?
  4. Be willing and have a desire to try new things.
  5. Test small changes and make adjustments off of those results.
  6. Never stop improving.

That final step, never stop improving, is the most important part of the whole process. You’ll find that marketers, aka your new alter ego, are constantly striving to improve and testing new strategies to drive that improvement. There are many different approaches to hiring that your organization could be trying from recruiting from an unexpected market to implementing employee referral programs.

If you want to be successful, and really start driving hiring results for your organization its time to consider adopting an alter ego.

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