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Nail Your Job Ads and Snag Top-Notch Talent

So, you're on the lookout for top-notch talent in the job market, right? Let's talk about how to nail your job ads so you can bring in the best of the best to work for you!

Hiring is basically marketing, you are marketing your company and your open jobs. In order to attract the best talent out there with your job ads you need to think like a marketer! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key things marketers use to help people find their need to do that in your job ads too!

Let's dig a little deeper into the important steps to market your jobs...

You should be using titles and keywords for your ads that job seekers will be searching for...

When a job seeker logs onto a job board they are going to be typing in keywords associated with the job they're looking for...make sure you are using those keywords so they will find your job ads! This goes for the body of your job ad along with the title.

Job Ad Review Checklist

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When it comes to your job titles...

Keep your titles to 60 characters for desktop and 35 characters for mobile job ads.

  • Be concise
  • Stick to the job title
  • Specify the career level (entry, manager, etc)
  • Specify the industry when possible

Now is not the time to be creative...Say what you mean or your jobs won't come up in searches...

Check out these crazy job titles that we've seen (that Don't work ):

  • Ideation Director (Marketing)
  • Canine Relocation Specialist (Dog catcher)
  • Integration Synchronicity Specialist (Technology)
  • Human Relations Specialist (Human Resources)

The wording and tone of your ad matters!

The tone and wording of your job ad can significantly impact its effectiveness.

  • Use words that will draw applicants in, not push them out or make them feel discouraged...
  • Avoid phrases like "don't apply if..."

Instead, draw job seekers in by showing them what a day in the life of an employee for your company is like, tell them what your employees think of working for you, and list the MINIMUM requirements...don't scare off great potential employees by basically telling them NOT to apply.

And INCLUDE SALARY INFORMATION! Job seekers want to know what you're willing to pay them before they apply (not to mention that some job boards will add an estimated salary if you don't include just include it...). If you're not including this information, you are most likely missing out on some great candidates who will just scroll right on by.

The timing of your job ads on the job boards matters!

Timing is crucial when it comes to job ads...

Don't leave your job ads up on the job boards for more than 3 weeks ...they'll just move further and further down the list and not be seen by job seekers. (hint: don't just take the job ad down and then repost the same one...job boards don't like this and I can almost guarantee that your traffic will be blocked or harnessed)

We recommend writing another version or two of the job description in case you need to "refresh the job ad" because you haven't hired someone. It can't just be a few things moved around, it will need to be noticeably and fundamentally different, then rotate them every 3 weeks.

So that's it!

Crafting an effective job ad involves strategic optimization and thoughtful content creation. By treating your hiring like marketing, you'll increase the visibility of your job postings and attract high-quality applicants. If you have more questions, check out this free guide we created that will give you even more guidance on writing a killer job ad!

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11 ways to make your Job Ad more unique!

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