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Video Interviewing

So convenient, you'll wonder why you weren't using it before.

How can video interviewing speed up my hiring?

Simplify with video interviewing. Think of all the time you spend playing phone tag trying to schedule those phone screens and initial interviews, let alone the time spent conducting them. The common problem when scheduling phone interviews? You work 9am – 5pm. Your applicants work 9am – 5pm. You leave them a message. They leave you a message. Once you finally get them all finished, your time to hire has been extended by days or weeks! Coordinating interviews is one of the most time-consuming elements of the hiring process. What if you could complete the interview process with one simple click of the mouse, and the applicant could complete the interview at a time that worked for them? With ApplicantPro’s video interviewing software, you can!
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Video interviewing example on mobile phone.

Custom Branded Video Interviewing Portal

  • Branded video interview portal with your company’s name and logo
  • Customizable videos to introduce your company to the candidate, building brand awareness and improving the applicant’s experience
  • Integrates seamlessly with ApplicantPro’s applicant tracking system

Video Interviewing integration with applicant tracking system.

Customizable Video Interviewing Creation

Customize a set of initial interview questions to fit your company’s specific demographic and the needs of the position. Click a button and each of your qualified applicants will be emailed a link to record their answers to your questions online via a computer, smartphone, tablet, or even an old school phone. You can then screen through their video interviewing responses, and share the ones you like with managers, saving you time and reducing your time-to-hire.

Interviews at Any Time, in Any Place, with Anyone


Job seekers can interview at any time after you invite them, saving you the hassle of finding a time that works for both of you.

Group Focused

Each person on the team will have the ability to watch the interview when it is most convenient to his or her schedule, and leave notes on the applicant.


After you create your interview, you can save the questions to reuse for future jobs. That’s right – you only have to set up the questions for a position once and you have them forever!


Works great with any browser or mobile device!

View and Review

After the applicant has completed the interview, your team will have the option to view, and review it as needed at any time.

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How it works:

How does video interviewing work? Graphic explained.
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