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What are you doing to prevent bad hires?

Turnover continues to be one of the biggest struggles for business owners... you've likely seen it and know it's costing your organization.

Hiring a candidate just to have them leave their role obviously wastes valuable time and money that's been invested throughout the hiring process on advertising jobs, screening, onboarding, and training. So, let me ask you...

What are you doing to prevent bad hires?

I wanted to quickly share with you my 6 tips to avoid making bad hires.

Tip #1... Be clear about what you're looking for.

Look at your BEST employees... what makes them a good fit? Do they have all of the qualifications you're asking for? Take the time to really evaluate what a successful hire looks like for the role.

Tip #2... Validate those job requirements

Validate your required qualifications against real employees. If some of your top employees don't have (or didn't have at the time of hire) specific qualifications for the job...then they must not be real qualifications. Remember... the qualifications to DO the job vs the qualifications to be hired for the job are two very different things. You can also use our Job Requirements Validation Guide to help you accomplish this.

Tip #3... Look beyond the resume!

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A resume is just one part of what makes up a job seeker. It's a snapshot of what they've done in the past, but not a prediction of how they will act, or what they could accomplish in the future.

We like to use value-based interview questions here at ApplicantPro as part of our applicant screening process to determine whether or not the person is a good culture fit!

Tip #4... Utilize pre-employment assessments!

This can be a skills, cognitive, and/or behavioral assessment. I like using assessments that provide insight into learning speed, motivation, and personality.

Tip #5... Don't overhire

And by that I mean don't hire OVER qualified people, or hire people simply because they check all the boxes unless you have a career path that meets their needs.

Tip #6... Nail the new hire experience!

Make sure the experience is engaging from day one. You want to reassure them that they made the right decision accepting your job offer by delivering on the promises you made during the hiring process.

Doing so can increase the likelihood of employees staying with your company by a massive 69%.

Knowing how to streamline your hiring process, not only for yourself but for your job seekers as well, is HUGE when it comes to making (and keeping) good hires!

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