Job Requirements Validation Guide

A guide to help you validate your job requirements to ensure you're not creating a "wish-list" that's driving qualified candidates away from your job ads.

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What's Inside?

  • A 3-Step process that will allow you to separate the hard requirements from the soft skills you may think are necessary for an open position.

  • A blank worksheet ready for you to fill out to determine essential skills.

  • A tool to attract actual qualified candidates to your jobs.

  • Opportunity to improve your job ads.

  • The power to fill your key positions.

Job Requirements Validation

How to Use the Job Requirements Validation Guide

Did you know that women won't apply for a job unless they feel 100% qualified? And on average, a man won't unless he feels at least 60% qualified.

When you're in dire need of quality employees, it's easy to throw up a bullet point list of requirements that states exactly who you're looking for and what qualifications they must have in order to apply. When doing so, you're missing out on a whole pool of quality job seekers.

Utilizing the Job Requirements Validation guide will allow you to put your best foot forward when targeting candidates for your open positions. This tool will give you the ability to REALLY determine what is needed from your job seekers and improve your applicant pool rates dramatically.

Are you ready to boost your applicant flow rate with qualified, fit candidates?