How Onboarding Makes Life Easier for HR & New Hires

How Onboarding Makes Life Easier for HR & New Hires

An organization hoping to recruit and hire talented employees needs to make a first impression that is memorable. If you do not have your HR forms properly organized, it can leave a bad taste in the mouth of many new recruits. Using onboarding systems is a great way to show your new hires your company is on-top of the HR process. We all know the training process can become exhausting. New hires are often dealt a stack of papers to fill out, and HR representative's needs to carefully go through the documents to make sure all the information is filled out correctly.

Upgrading Your HR Software

If you are already using HR software to help with the recruiting, hiring, and training process, using onboarding software is a major upgrade. It will allow you to pass along each applicant's information to the system, reducing the amount of paperwork a new hire will need to fill out. All you will need to do is print out the information, hand it to the employee and let them fill in any of the missing information. What makes it even better, you don't have to print out the forms if you do not want to. Your new hires can access the information online, giving them time to fill out the paperwork as they wait for instructions for the training process. A completely automated system helps the HR team limit the number of mistakes that can be made, and it makes the paperwork process easier on the new hires.

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Mistakes Are Costly

Most HR professionals know how mistakes can be costly. A recent news report showed how a simple coding error led to company documents being sent to a consumer. A woman ordered a tie and pocket square from GAP, but got something completely different in the mail -; the confidential files of about 20 former employees, including Social Security numbers and W4 tax forms. A simple mistake of sending out personnel documents to the wrong person can lead to costly lawsuits from each of the individuals listed in the paperwork. Even something as simple as a missing field in an HR document could cause a penalty from the state or IRS, costing up to $1,100 per employee. Using onboarding software can help to eliminate these mistakes, keeping your company in compliance with Federal and State laws. Companies are also required to keep employee records for several years after their employment has been terminated with the company. All employee information must be safeguarded against hacker attacks, and human error. The right program will prevent such issues from occurring, allowing a company to maintain accurate employment records for previous employees.

How Onboarding Software Will Help

The hiring process is always a challenge, especially as you need the new hire to fill out a number of forms. With onboarding software, you can virtually eliminate a number of tasks, and make your new recruits happier. Here are just a few ways the software will improve your HR department:

  • Reduced paperwork. Having an automated system prevents the excess expense of paperwork. Not only will you cut costs on paper and printing, you also do not need to worry about storing the forms in files. Everything is stored in the program for you.
  • Error-Proof. A great component to onboarding software is the ability it has to flag forms that are not properly filled out. It will also encrypt employee information, keeping it safe and secure from threats and human error.
  • Happier employees. A new hire will not be subjected to filling out the same forms over and over. The software transfers the information, allowing the new hires to focus on the blank spaces. This reduces the redundancy of training, and it makes it easier for the HR team to submit the paperwork to get them on the payroll.
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