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By: Angie Rupp

HR Strategy is the Key to Smarter Hiring

HR Strategy means the difference between meeting goals and exceeding them! A proper HR strategy can be your key to smarter hiring, and happier employes.

hiring manager greets new hire during employee onboarding process

By: Callie Hansen

What is Employee Onboarding?

3 Important Steps when oboarding a new hire to your company. Employee Onboarding may be different for each company bu the documentation is all the same.

By: Angie Rupp

Is Your Hiring Process Accidentally Discriminatory?

Your job description may actually be discriminatory against certain genders/races. Read on to learn if your job ad may accidentally discriminatory.

hris has all of your hr needs

By: Callie Hansen

What is an HRIS?

An HRIS is a one-stop-shop platform for HR. It includes benefits, hiring software, and onboarding. This post guides you through picking the best system.

By: Steven Smith

Pay Transparency Policy Ruling – How Does it Affect HR?

The Pay Transparency Policy Ruling has a big impact on HR compliance. Here's what's you need to know to cover your legal bases.

By: Denise Kasanicky

The Electronic Signature: Is it Valid for Onboarding?

People are often skeptical about the validity of the electronic signature, especially for onboarding. This article breaks down when it is and isn't valid.

By: Steven Smith

Understanding Independent Contractor Classifications

With recent changes to labor laws, we take an in-depth look at independent contractors and how it impacts your hiring process.

By: Steven Smith

Disability Employment Requirements: New Checklist Issued by OFCCP

The OFCCP recently released new disability employment regulations. In this article we take a look at what that means for your company and hiring process.

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