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Introducing ApplicantPro's New Payroll Solution!

ApplicantPro Payroll is an all-in-one solution that provides companies with the tools they need to streamline HR processes with less redundancy and more efficiency. Our suite of HR tools empowers companies to stay on top of compliance and leverage deeper analytics and reporting features while boosting employee experience with self-service functionality.

What value can I get from using ApplicantPro Payroll?

Here are just a few of the biggest benefits you'll see when utilizing our payroll solution;

Boosting Employee Engagement:

Your employees can personalize their self-service payroll and HR experiences. You can offer your employees real-time access to key data from any device through our Adaptive Employee Experience.

Stay compliant:

We offer a suite of HR tools to tackle ever-changing employment legislation. With these tools, you can make updates to a single data set while adapting to changes in tax filing procedures, employment regulations, and more.

Make Smarter HR Decisions:

Our payroll tools help you see key trends happening within your workforce by aggregating data across a specific timeframe or employment category. This feature will help you understand how decisions affect your current workforce and enable you to plan future needs.

And when paired with ApplicantPro Applicant Tracking Services, our single-sign-on experience takes your employee management to a whole new level.

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What features does ApplicantPro Payroll offer me?

1. Onboarding

ApplicantPro Onboard & Develop provides analytics, templates, and wizards to streamline consistency and compliance as you onboard new employees and connect with them throughout their employment.

2. Payroll

Ease the burden of keeping up with employment tax rates, calculating liabilities, creating and accessing reports, and making payments with our Payroll solution. You can also boost your employees' experience with integrated time-tracking and self-service access to view and update personal information, direct deposit, tax filing, W-2 forms, pay stubs, paid time off balances, and more!

3. Human Resources

We offer automated workflows, configurable forms and reports, and real-time access to accurate and consistent employee information. All of this helps minimize your time to hire and administrative workload all while mitigating compliance risk.

4. Benefits Enrollment and Administration

ApplicantPro Benefits Administration allows you to easily configure benefit plans that fit your specifications and meet your workforce's needs. We'll help you provide a better employee experience with our seamless, self-service benefits enrollment process, empowering your employees to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

5. Labor & Time Management

We make it easy to accurately track, manage, and process time, labor, and attendance data across your entire workforce!

We'll help you...

  • Reduce inefficiency and errors
  • Handle multiple work environments - including physical and virtual
  • Collect and manage time-tracking data

6. Scheduling

ApplicantPro Scheduling makes creating, updating, and communicating employee schedules a strategic asset! Staffing managers can assign schedules, collaborate with employees, manage requests, and make necessary shift adjustments on the fly!

7. Expense Management

With ApplicantPro Expense Management, your employees and managers can submit, oversee, and approve single expense entries and will have transparency into their expense status and pay history, giving you better visibility into the funds that are moving in and out of your organization.

And more!

We couldn't be more excited to add Payroll & Management to our solution, completing our End-to-End Suite of seamlessly integrated HR tools.

With ApplicantPro you can confidently source, screen, hire, and manage your employees all in one place.

If you want to learn more about ApplicantPro Payroll, let's connect!

Learn more about Payroll!

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Hiring Software Buyer's Guide

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