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What is an HRIS?

Similar to an applicant tracking system, a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) encompasses all of your Human Resources needs. A cross between HR and information technology, the HRIS is a database that compiles all of your HR documents and processes into one. This includes, payroll and benefits administration, training and onboarding records, as well as a place to store all of your employee information and related documents.

Because these systems do so much, it can be a little overwhelming if you’re an HRIS novice. So, here are three key components to consider when determining whether or not an HRIS is the best fit for you and your organization:

1. Payroll & Benefits Administration

Perhaps the most time-consuming part of HR is payroll and benefits administration. Trying to balance processing and managing the payment process while still conforming to compliance standards can muddy the process. Most HRIS databases eliminate the headaches involved by providing a payroll and benefits administration system. An HRIS that is integrated with payroll and benefits administration collects and stores all of the necessary information for your employees. It will track payroll and benefits data for all of your employees, as well as the benefits each employee receives. The HRIS eliminates the time you spend tracking, recording, and reporting data for payroll and benefits.

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2. Database for Employee Information

All of your employee related documents, i.e. onboarding, procedures, employee information, and other data can all be compiled and stored in one place. The HRIS is a database for you to store all of the documents related to the company and employees. This makes all documents easily accessible by not only the HR department, but also the employees and managers themselves. Instead of having to sift through stacks of papers or run the risk of misplacing important documents, the HRIS allows all of this to be done digitally. You can opt to compile, store, and track all of your employee-related documents in one place, and never worry again about the hassle of doing it manually.

It makes all documents easily accessible by not only the HR department, but also the employees and managers themselves.

3. Applicant Tracking

Most HRIS databases include applicant tracking services. A good portion of HR duties includes advertising open jobs to job seekers and going through the hiring process to fill an open position within the company. This can be time-consuming, especially if you’re limited to paper applications or collecting resumes through email. Integrating an applicant tracking system with an HRIS cuts down your time spent searching for qualified candidates so you can focus your time on other, more important HR duties.

Although HRIS’s are a great fit for many HR professionals, they don’t give you the option to segment or customize a process that works specifically for your needs. If you’re a company that already has a payroll system, but want to branch out and explore automated recruiting methods, then you’d want to opt for an ATS like ApplicantPro, which integrates with a wide variety of payroll providers seamlessly.

Additionally, if you’re on a strict budget, it will likely benefit you to explore individual options for HR software that allow you to choose systems that are affordable and designed with your individual business in mind. Thanks to modern technology, you have more options as the consumer today than was ever possible ten or so years ago. The key is to educate yourself and to figure out what your needs are before you start the process of shopping for an HRIS or any other HR software platform.

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