Less Expensive = Less Features Not so fast!

Less Expensive = Less Features? Not so fast!

We often get asked by potential clients, “Why should we buy from you? What sets you apart? Why is your price so dang cheap?” It seems that the pricing piece leaves the biggest question mark when it comes to our software. At lot of folks ask, “What is this product missing with such an affordable price tag?”.

Well, we are proud to say that ApplicantPro offers everything those “other applicant tracking system (ATS) providers” offer PLUS more. See below for a few reasons why our product and our company are so unique and why you should use our software to manage your hiring process.

Our secret sauce is how we help you maximize the effectiveness of your entire hiring process

Our Background and Approach:

Although we have been building HR software for over 6 years, our roots are in web-based marketing. You might not know it, but your hiring process is just like online marketing. New job boards like Indeed and SimplyHired work just like search engines. Your career site and online application is just like a website and lead form. Our system has all of the features and functionality that you’d expect from an applicant tracking system, but our secret sauce is how we help you maximize the effectiveness of your entire hiring process. We call this “Hiring Optimization”, and there are very few providers out there with the knowledge and ability that will truly help you optimize your hiring results.

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If you compare ApplicantPro to our competitors, you might be concerned that our system is underpriced. To many, a lower price tag means fewer features. That is not the case. It’s not that we are cheap; it’s that those other guys are too expensive! Sure, our goal is to make money, but we are not willing to price our system out of the reach of the average small and mid-sized employer. Instead of charging you outrageous annual fees, we focus on reducing our costs, and passing the savings on to you. We only build real features that customers need; not those that will just look nice on paper. Our easy to use system and knowledgeable account managers help us keep our support costs down. Also, we run a tight ship where marketing is concerned unlike many of our competitors. We let the Internet and our background work to our benefit.

We only build real features that customers need; not those that will just look nice on paper”


Some of the features ApplicantPro has to offer are:

  • Branded career site
  • Auto push to free job boards
  • Auto push to paid job boards, using your login
  • Free training
  • Dedicated support
  • Online job application
  • Digital resume collection
  • Applicant Screening
  • Robust reporting
  • And so much more!

That’s not all. We are here to help.

Along with our unique background and approach we also offer a very unique process as far as setup and training. Setup Fees or Training Fees? We have NONE! We feel you and your ENTIRE HR team should feel comfortable and efficient in the system. If you decide to venture down the ApplicantPro road (and we hope you will), we will assist with setting up the career site, training you, training your team, and also giving you additional help resources available through the admin login. We NEVER want you to feel lost. We understand shifting from paper to an online application can be overwhelming and that is why we are here!

Try our hiring software out for free!

We don’t want you to have to take our word for it. We want you to have a chance to experience our system, to see the many, many features we have, and to attract real applicants for your real jobs without paying a dime.

Contact us today to learn more.

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