Five Things You Need to Know About Mobile Recruiting

Five Things You Need to Know About Mobile Recruiting

A mobile world has completely changed the recruiting and hiring world. HR teams are finding it is easier to get in touch with job applicants with a simple text message versus a phone call. Candidates are using their mobile devices to search for new employment opportunities. Creating a mobile recruitment strategy is a great way to reach out to today’s busy job applicants. Here are five reasons why mobile recruiting is something you need to add to your recruitment strategy.

Creating a mobile recruitment strategy is a great way to reach out to today’s busy job applicants

Take Applications With You

While the job applicants can access the job opportunities online, employers can benefit by reading job applications on the go. If you use video interviews, you can send them along to additional members of the hiring team to view. This is a great option for employers struggling to establish interview times in their busy schedules.

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Job Applicants Are Mobile

Did you know that 91% of mobile workers rely on their smartphone for business-use? With so many people relying on their mobile devices, it makes sense to create a mobile-friendly application site. People can easily submit their application from a mobile device. This will help you gain more visibility for the job openings.

Connect With More Applicants

Using mobile devices, you can connect with the applicants that might not be noticed in a traditional application process. Using the video application is a great way to see and hear directly from a job applicant. These on-the-fly job candidates can provide potential employers with personalized messages. This helps you to weed out the people that won’t fit in with the company, and narrow down your list to the people you know will do a great job.

Boost Your Credibility

When you move your application and screening process to the mobile world, it makes your company appealing. Taking the time to move toward mobile recruiting is a great way to build your brand. It will create an impression upon job candidates, and in your industry. When a person is actively pursuing a new job, they will heavily research the companies they are interested in working for. Some people only browse for new jobs on their smartphones or tablets as they are currently employed. Creating a mobile friendly website is a great way to impress potential job candidates, and to show them your company is up-to-date with the latest hiring trends.

Instant Contact

Mobile recruiting will give an employer instant contact with potential job applicants. You can easily schedule interviews with the best candidates in a matter of minutes with a simple SMS message. Other companies use apps to help them find the right candidates, and allow candidates to schedule an interview after submitting their application.

The mobile world is allowing employers to find a new method to recruit on-the-go. If you have been struggling to find the time to go through applications, consider using mobile recruiting to help you make this time-consuming task easier!

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