Don’t be a Victim – Stay Ahead of the Latest Recruiting Trends Curve

Don’t be a Victim – Stay Ahead of the Latest Recruiting Trends Curve

I stumbled across another great ERE article the other day and wanted to highlight a few of its points because the resurgence of the economy brings with it potential recruiting challenges if you aren’t in tune with current trends.

Rely on more than your legal job description to entice employees when you post a job ad

Get Ready for Competition

The days in which recruiters could sit back and rely upon a pool of thousands of eager (and desperate) applicants is quickly dwindling. It’s inevitable that when the employment hammer swings too far one way, it will eventually swing back the other direction forcing recruiters and HR Professionals to switch their tactics in order to stay competitive. For the last five years or so, it’s been an employer’s market – with so many people unemployed, companies could pick and choose who to hire for their positions. This is all about to change. We’re starting to see a shift in power with employees having the option to choose from multiple job opportunities.

So what does this mean for you? You already know that Employer Branding is one of the newest HR buzz phrases. It’s for good reason. With more quality opportunities available to job seekers, you’re going to have to rely on more than your legal job description to entice employees when you post a job ad. You’re going to have to post an ad that captivates your potential applicants and makes them want to work for your organization. Sell your benefits, sell your culture. . . .

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Time Equals Money (Not Just for Your Company)

You don’t need me to tell you that the more efficient you become at something, the less money it costs you in the business world. But have you considered that the same is true for your job seekers? Let’s say for example that you have an extremely extensive and unorganized pre-employment process and your time-to-fill is 35 days from the time you begin interviews until you hire. If your applicants applied for numerous positions with your competitors because and your competitor hires in 14 days, which job do you think your applicant will accept? They’re likely to accept an offer that extends them the opportunity to give their two weeks’ notice and then begin their new job without losing any potential income. It’s unlikely that they’ll be willing to sit around for two weeks without pay if an equal opportunity is available at a similar company. Don’t sacrifice great applicants because you have a process that leaves something to be desired. Use an ATS or other appropriate system to manage your applicant flow efficiently so you can cut down on your time-to-fill.

Using an intuitive hiring software like ApplicantPro helps to eliminate many of these hiring pains and keeps you as an HR Professional and your organization competitive. After all, employees provide the framework for your company and if you hire the right ones, you’re far more likely to succeed.

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