What Story Is Your Job Ad Telling

What Story Is Your Job Ad Telling?

Creating a compelling ad is vital to attracting the right candidates for the job. When you create an ad, it helps to think of it like you would a web page. It needs to reach the right target audience by using analytics from your website. The more relevant you can make the title and the content, the easier it will be to hire the right job candidates.

Search Engine Friendly

The more relevant you can make the title and the content, the easier it will be to hire the right job candidates

A job listing needs to be search engine friendly. When you use the right description including keywords and search terms, it will appear higher in the search engine rankings. You need to include details pertinent to the job such as the job type, industry, and full/part time position. Use analytics to find out how many seconds a person spends viewing your ad. This will help you to find out if people are actually reading them, or if they click back within a second.

Finding a Balance

When you are creating a job description, use some key points to help you create a job ad. You do not want to create an ad that is too long, as it will cause some people to look at other job ads, yet you do not want an ad to be a single line either. Finding the right balance with a job posting is essential to make your job stand out and get the attention from the right candidates.

Always include minimum requirements for the job (education requirements, training, and experience) and include call to action to get people excited about the position. Give the reader a reason to apply for the job over the others job openings they will read.

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Standing Out

How can a job description stand out? Strike the balance between interesting and weird. What this means is you want to include something that stands out from the other job postings. Adding a catchphrase or telling people what your personality is like can help them get an idea for the way you run the office.

Finding the right balance with a job posting is essential to make your job stand out and get the attention from the right candidates.

The same old boring language of, “Candidate must demonstrate the following capabilities” can end up causing your descriptions to read like the other jobs currently available. Make your job ad stand out with fun descriptions like “we want a person who isn’t afraid to take a risk and fail” or “we want fearless critical thinkers willing to push their skills above their comfort level.” When you advertise with passionate words, you will reach the candidates with enthusiasm and excitement for the industry.

Videos, Photos, and Infographics

To make your job ad stand out from the others, include some elements that are sure to gain attention. You need to upload an informative or funny video made by your company. Some organizations create videos detailing the job requirements while others will take candidates on a tour of their offices. Photos and Infographics are another way to gain attention. They can show people what the workplace looks like and what they can expect when they walk through the doors. Infographics will show them how they will contribute to the overall success of the company.

Make it simple for people to upload their resume and apply for the position. If your website is too slow or difficult to understand, you can lose out on some excellent candidates. The job boards are not dead, you just need to find the ones that are going to target the right niche market for the position.

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