applicantpro is legit

Is ApplicantPro Legit?

So, we Googled ourselves the other day and were surprised to find some of the questions people are searching on Google... "Is ApplicantPro real?" and, "Is ApplicantPro legit?"

I'll be honest, we got a pretty good laugh out of it and then realized, there are real people out there searching (and wondering) if we are a real and legit company...

So, if that's you... let's talk about it.

What is ApplicantPro?

ApplicantPro is a leading provider of hiring software for over 9,000 organizations, and a place of work to nearly 300 employees! Our goal here at ApplicantPro is to provide easy-to-use solutions that inspire efficiency and optimized hiring practices. We're pretty proud of how much we've grown in nearly two decades, and, as new hiring challenges emerge, we will continue to expand our product offering!

But, let's face can find all that on our About Us Page on our website...

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Let's See What Inc. 5000 Has To Say About It

For the past 11 years, Inc. 5000 has listed us as one of the most successful companies within the economy's segment of independent small and mid-sized businesses.

We feel pretty awesome to be a continued member of the Inc. 5000 10x Club (an elite group containing less than one percent of all Inc. 5000 companies to have ever achieved this accomplishment)!

Indeed Can Also Vouch For Us...

A few months ago Indeed launched its new ATS Partner Program, offering different levels of partnership-Silver, Gold, and Platinum. ApplicantPro was granted the prestigious Indeed Platinum Partnership status, making us one of a select few partners to receive this honor. The Platinum Partner Program from Indeed requires that partners meet strict guidelines for integration capabilities. As a Platinum Tier Partner, we work super closely with Indeed to build reliable integrations that optimize the hiring process.

We're honored to work alongside Indeed, continuing to grow our partnership, and offering deep integrations to our clients!

Still Not Convinced ApplicantPro Is A Legit Company?

But look, if you're still feeling wary about us, check out reviews from our clients! We have received hundreds of reviews on Capterra, a trusted source of insights for SaaS consumers.

Check 'em out and then decide for yourself!

And, if you would like to chat with one of our hiring experts (they're real and legit too) about what we can do for you, please click the link below...we'd love to chat!

Let's Chat!

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