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ApplicantPro Author - Hillary Arveseth
Hillary Arveseth

Indeed's New ATS Partner Program: Enhancing Your Hiring Process

Indeed has launched its new ATS Partner Program, and we are thrilled to announce that ApplicantPro has been granted the prestigious Indeed Platinum Partnership status, making us one of a select few partners to ever receive this honor. This partnership brings exclusive benefits and resources to our clients, enabling us to provide unparalleled support and innovation.

What does this mean for ApplicantPro and our clients?

This program offers different levels of partnership-Silver, Gold, and Platinum-each offering increasing integration capabilities and resources. As an Indeed Platinum partner, we gain access to a wide range of benefits that are not available to others.

  • ATS sync suite of integrations (see below)
  • Collaborative client-facing team training
  • Joint thought leadership opportunities
  • Dedicated support
  • Dedicated resources for Indeed relationship
  • And many more exciting benefits

Because we have access to these benefits, as a client of ours, you will too!

5 Tips to Increase Visibility on Indeed

Learn how to optimize your job ads on Indeed to attract qualified applicants

Not all ATS's are created equal

ATS sync suite of integrations: Our partnership provides seamless integration between Indeed and your ATS, streamlining the hiring process.

Key integrations include:

  • Indeed Apply: Simplify the application process by allowing job seekers to apply directly through Indeed, eliminating the need for redirection to another site...According to Indeed Data Worldwide, jobs with "Indeed Apply" are clicked on 30% more often than jobs without that feature.
  • Disposition Sync: A feature that improves the quality of applicants sent from Indeed. Sending disposition data to Indeed can help you get more quality applicants for your jobs.
  • Candidate Sync (coming soon!): Sync your Indeed candidates directly with your ATS, ensuring a seamless flow of information.
  • Sponsored Job Integration: A paid job ad that will show up at the top of relevant search results for job seekers. This is the same concept as paid ads on internet search engines. When you sponsor your job with Indeed, it will give your job ad better visibility to job seekers.
  • Indeed Interview Integration: Schedule and conduct virtual interviews with ease, enhancing the interviewing process for both you and your applicants.

These integration tools empower you to attract top talent and optimize your hiring strategy, ultimately driving the success of your business.

So now what?

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity and benefit from our partnership with Indeed, click the link below to connect with us today. Together, we can accelerate your hiring process, streamline scheduling and interviewing, and elevate the overall job seeker experience

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Improve your job's visibility on Indeed!

5 Tips to Increase Visibility on Indeed

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