applicantpro is one of indeed's platinum partners

PRESS RELEASE: ApplicantPro Named One of Indeed's Platinum Partners

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - Human resource (HR) technology is the top HR investment priority for the second year in a row, followed by increased investment in staffing and recruiting according to global analyst firm Gartner(TM). With nearly 10 million job postings in the U.S. each month, employers need help standing out to reach the right talent. Today, ApplicantPro, a leading provider of applicant tracking system (ATS) technology, and hiring-optimization solutions, announced it has been named an Indeed Platinum Tier Partner, only one of a select few companies to earn this distinction. This new partner program from Indeed gives ApplicantPro customers and partners exclusive resources and unparalleled peace of mind that ApplicantPro works seamlessly with Indeed to make hiring fast and easy.

"Indeed is the number-one job board in the world, so it made sense to partner with them - and as they've grown, we have grown alongside them," said Heidi Barnett, CEO of ApplicantPro. "We've worked hard to get the programs, resources, and systems into place to deepen our relationship with Indeed, and we're proud to be one of the first-ever Indeed Platinum Tier Partners so we can pass on the benefits to our own customers and partners."

What does it mean to be an Indeed Platinum Partner?

The new partner program from Indeed requires that partners meet strict guidelines for integration capabilities. As a Platinum Tier Partner, ApplicantPro works closely with Indeed to build reliable integrations that optimize the hiring process. For example, ApplicantPro integrates with Indeed's ATS Sync for job seekers to apply more easily, share candidates' application status automatically, sync candidate data into ApplicantPro, and to enable sponsored jobs - all while providing a more candidate-friendly application experience that aligns with today's digital-first expectations. Another best-in-class integration capability -scheduling and conducting virtual interviews with candidates - is now live.

Why does this matter?

Even with concerns of a down market, there is still a labor shortage...with the latest data showing 9.9 million job openings in the U.S. and 5.8 million unemployed workers. According to Gartner, HR leaders are focused on recruiting technology in all areas of the candidate pipeline, "including candidate attraction, sourcing, and experience, as well as talent analytics to navigate today's complex labor market".

"As employers attempt to keep their best talent, employers must work harder to increase their applicant flow, speed up their time to fill, and improve their hiring quality...but the savviest business leaders are working smarter, instead, to improve the quality of their candidate pipeline and decrease their work," said Barnett.

ApplicantPro can help with your hiring needs!

With more than 9,000 happy clients and 17 years in business, our software and services help increase qualified applicant flow and improve the entire hiring process from sourcing candidates to onboarding them. In our "Hiring Software Buyer's Guide", we provide an essential checklist to compare ATS providers talking points for organization buy-in and more. Download the report now to discover the core benefits your hiring software provider should offer. You can learn more about ApplicantPro at and check out the full press release regarding ApplicantPro becoming an Indeed Platinum Partner here.

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